About us

The mission

To materialize profitable ideas of creative inventors by applying a multidisciplinary approach including protection, development, support and commercialization.

Our Objetive

To monetize them while minimizing time to market, risks, costs and maximizing for profitability, seeking an attractive return of investment for both, investors and inventors.

Meet the team

We are a group of entrepreneurs, advisors, inventors and investors who believe creativity is at the core of success.

We are interested on identifying, supporting and promoting profitable ideas until they reach a successful commercialization stage.

Manuel R. Gutierrez NoveloPresident

B.S. Degree Electronic Engineering ITESO

Inventor, serial entrepreneur, investor and futurist.

Felix Perez EsparzaCEO

Industrial Engineer

Entrepreneur and productivity expert.

Isidoro Pessah MedinaPartner

B.S. Degree Electronic Engineering MIT

Serial entrepreneur and investor.

Ethan D. SchurCMO

Developer and Journalist.

Technologist and serial entrepreneur.

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